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We are the only company in Northern Virginia (to our knowledge) to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against workmanship defects on all wood fences. Our supreme craftsmanship and high quality materials ensure that you will love your gorgeous wood privacy fence or picket fence for many years to come. It starts with the auger that we use to drill the holes with and continues through the last nail fired from the nail gun, the quality of work will be something that you, your friends, family, and neighbors will all be talking about. We do free estimates, although we do not do on-site quotes. We base all of our prices by the foot and are able to save gas and time and in return we save you money on the cost of your fence.

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Wood Privacy Fence Completed in Leesburg, VA

Last week, I posted about a wood fence we were tearing down out of state in Fuquay-Varina. On Friday, my installers finished installing the new privacy fence for the customers. The customer had chosen to rebuild the back line of the wood privacy fence, which had been poorly installed by another fence company out of the local area. I am unsure of who it is, but they should not be installing fences in the state, or anywhere else for that matter.

We showed up on Thursday morning at 8am, as planned, and we walked over the project as I pointed out to him what we would be doing, and the time frame in which the customer wanted it done. The Fuquay-Varina job was not very large, so it looked like we would be completing it in two days.

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I had called in the underground utilities on Monday 8/18 and they had all been marked, Chris pointed out that the phone line ran close to the property line where we would be digging holes to set new posts for the wood fence. He stated he would have to dig a couple of those holes by hand to avoid the phone lines. Well, later that afternoon, Chris called me and stated he still hit the phone line. This can happen no matter how careful you are, they were digging with the post hole diggers, and hit the line. Chris, immediately went to the customer and told them what happened, the customer works from home and relies on the phone. The customer was really nice about it and had his calls forwarded to his cell phone. The homeowner then called Embarq to fix the line. The reason I am writing about the broken phone line is to inform you that even if you are careful, these things can happen. The phone line was fixed, and the customer did not have to pay for it.

This customer decided to upgrade to the 3/4″ thick pickets, and were very pleased with the outcome. As the fence was being built, the customer told me he was amazed at the work ethic of my installers, and told me they were very courteous and kept him informed of the entire process. He told me that the installers worked very hard, only took a 20 minute lunch break, and worked until dark to finish on Friday night.

fuquay varinan dog ear private yard backyard kids pets safe fence builder built wood privacy

This is a perfect example of why my installers are NOT subcontractors, and get paid by the week, not by the hour. They work harder to get the job done, and are held responsible since they don’t get paid until the customer is 100% satisfied. Hourly fence installers, would not have the same work ethic normally, since they get paid by the hour, they would not have stayed late to complete the project, and generally, hourly installers have less pride in their work. I pay my workers more than most fence companies in Raleigh, but I only hire the best, it may cost me a little more now, but it saves me much more later.

The customer and I met on Saturday morning for a final walk through, we have the installer walk the job with the customer when they complete it, then I walk the fence with the customer again when final payment is due to ensure if there are any questions or problems with the fence, we take care of it immediately. This customer was thrilled, as I stated, and said he would recommend us to anyone who asked. He also said he told the GC of the development that when they build phase II of the development, he should hire us to build the fence.

The industry standard is one long cross brace and 2 heavy duty hinges, and a 4×4 post, we feel like the gate is the most problematic part of any wooden fence. That is why we pay close attention to this area, and spend extra money to ensure the customer will not be calling me a year down the road and tell me they can’t open the gate, because it is sagging. The other are we try to ensure we spend a little extra time on is the line posts. We ALWAYS dig 24" and secure the posts with a full 60lbs of concrete. Once again, this may cost me a little more, but it is worth it!

Thank you for reading

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